Howdy, my name is Siler - that is derived from a German word and means "rope maker". I may not actually make ropes, but I think I would enjoy a rope toy. I hail from the state of Tennessee and I am hale and hearty, so I will need plenty of exercise for me to be my best. I could have a dog buddy in my new home, but they need to be calm and respectful and we need to be introduced slowly so I have...
Set of 4 VINTAGE Stainless Steel Metal Military Style Divided Mess Hall, Cafeteria, or Prison Type Food Trays Just seeing these trays makes me think of Hawkeye and Hot Lips from MASH going through the Chow Line for dinner. What will you serve up on them? Fully functional: Great for outdoor entertaining -- serving burger toppings, taco fixings, and other condiments, eating camping meals, WWII or...
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